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October 9, 2009

Blog Networks

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This is a catch up post although I had read the Blogsphere info provided. To tell the truth I was quite blown away. Blog communities here included Mormons, Jews, African Americans etc. I had no idea that such blogging communities existed and that they had such strong ties online. From what I see a blogging community exists because their is a strong feeling of something that is shared or that people have in common that is very important to them. So important that they want to connect with other like minded people and share their thoughts, feelings, views and opinions with them. The mind boggles at what some of the more private blogs may contain. I was particularly fascinated by the Mormon Bloggernacle and Mormon Mommy Blogging where Mormon feminist bloggers get together to discuss family and religious issues. Michelle Obama has blogged in this network. I also found the concept of cyberchurch fascinating where “Blogging is a dominant expression of cyberchurch[4]. Thousands of believers publish millions of articles about church, faith, God, Jesus, and more on their blogs” I never imagined these things existed.



  1. I remember hearing about a whole new movement of Christianity, a sort of alternative church, that has developed out of the blogging movement – fascinating stuff 🙂

    Comment by Sarah Stewart — October 19, 2009 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

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