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November 12, 2009

Online Meeting FOC09

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I am hosting my online meeting on Tuesday at 8pm using DimDim. I have really enjoyed experimenting with DimDim and find it very user friendly. It ends out automatic invites, you can share your computer screen and link to a website. It allows up to 3 audio only though, so people coming to my meeting will have to use the chat function instead. It also allows for a webcam to be used. The recording of the sessions is clear and you also get a transcript of the chat sessions. I am not planning to use the webcam for the meeting. Oh the other thing you can do when you are hosting the meeting is hand over control to anyone else in the meeting and then take it back whenever you want. It also has a function where the peron hosting the meeting sends an email to invited people saying the meeting has started. All in all, I quite like DimDim.
Here are my meeting details:
Title: Discover your personal learning network
Date: Tuesday 17th November 8pm NZ – world times here
Duration: 40 mins
Facilitators: Rosanne Wilson (
Presenter: Anton Pienaar is a Senior Instructional Designer at e-Blended Learning Solutions (e-BLS) in New Plymouth. He has been involved internationally in the design and implementation of learning, teaching and assessment online. He holds an MA in Higher Education with a specialisation in E-learning in Higher Education and Learning Management Systems. He is a passionate teacher, having taught from high school level to post-graduate level. Anton has presented at several international conferences and is specifically researching the phenomenon of asynchronous communication online and its real influence on learning.
Venue: *DimDim
Description: We will be discussing personal learning networks and what they are. You will discover (if you haven’t already) your own PLN. To prepare for this meeting please look at Joyce seitzinger’s blog *[6]. She discusses PLNs on her blog. She also did an excellent presentation at eFest on PLNs as well. When you enter the DimDim meeting room can you please use your first name as an identifier. Please also make sure your audio is functioning. Finally, there will be a small incentive prize for the person with the best participation in the meeting.
Back up plan: A second meeting will be held on Thursday 19th November 8.30pm ONLY if the session fails.

Click here to view Recording

Click here to view Chat Transcript


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