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November 21, 2009

Second Life FOC09

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I am just catching up on my blogging from the course. One of the tasks was to think about how you would facilitate in Second Life. I missed the tour with Sarah but did explore on my own. It would have been beneficial for me to have done the tour with Sarah as Second Life is huge and a bit intimidating to a new user.

Anyway I have listed what I think you would have to consider when facilitating in Second life:
1. Make sure everyone downloads the second life software before the meeting. Make people aware that this will take up their bandwidth and low bandwidth users may have some functionality problems when using Second Life.
2. Ensure everyone has or creates an avatar. I like how Sarah asked people to add their second life name to the course participants list before the meeting. She could see at a glance who had an avatar and meant to attend the meeting.
3. Make it easy to reach the meeting location in second life. Its easy to get lost there.
4. Be aware of the distraction of the avatar. There is a lot for a new avatar user to get used to. This could detract from the meeting if this is what the meeting attendee focuses on.
5. Keep the meeting size under control. Sarah talked about hosting a meeting with 35 people and she wasn’t quite prepared for the size of that meeting. Either keep the meeting to manageable numbers or have someone else there to help you facilitate a larger group.
6. Remember in Second Life you have to physically show people around so (ironically) you may need to think of how you would run a face to face meeting and apply some of these principles.

It would be great if people in the group could add to or comment on this list.




  1. Hey Rosanne, just give me a shout & I’ll meet you in SL and show you a few things.

    Comment by sarahstewart — November 21, 2009 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

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